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Three For Me

Say goodbye to tired, dull skin and hello to a brighter, younger-looking you!

Dolce is excited to announce our new ThreeForMe™ laser treatment to give you the best skin possible. As we age we typically notice an increase in brown spots, redness and wrinkles on our face and neck. This is common due to aging, sun exposure and genetics. Now, we have the perfect solution to treat all of these conditions in one visit!

Only our exclusive ThreeForMe™ treatment is proven safe and effective on all these conditions, and the procedure is only 30 minutes; getting you the best results possible while still fitting within your busy schedule. You’ll see improvement after just one treatment and the results keep getting better over time.

It’s as easy as one, two, ThreeForMe! Ask our office how we can help get you the brighter skin you desire!



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(IPL) Intense Pulse Light Therapy


IPL helps to tighten pores, reduce the severity of acne, reduce the appearance of or eliminate sun spots and freckles lessen hyperpigmentation, treat skin flushing and skin redness, reduce the appearance of scars (acne, chickenpox, etc.), reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reverse sun damage, treat vascular lesions (broken capillaries, blood vessels, rosacea), improve facial contour, tighten skin and boost collagen and elastin production.

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Any appointment that is made for laser services requires a credit card on file AND a 10% non-refundable deposit to make appointment.

Deposit will be applied towards final bill when service is received.

If appointment is cancelled OR changed with less than 24 hours notice deposit is forfeited.

If appointment is cancelled OR changed with more than 24 hours notice deposit will be moved /applied to new appointment.

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of constantly shaving and waxing unwanted facial and body hair? With light-based hair removal you can get the touchable skin you’ve always wanted. All you need is a few simple treatments to get lasting results. The secret lies in the technology that targets and destroys hair cells responsible for hair growth without harming the surrounding skin. This treatment is fast, easy and practically pain free.

How does it work? Energy is used to target and destroy hair follicles responsible for hair growth without causing damage to the surrounding skin.

What results can I expect? You can expect to see a gradual decrease in hair thickness and the amount of hair in the area*. Since this treatment only targets hair in the active phase of growth, multiple treatments are often needed for complete removal.

Areas you can get treated?

Upper Lip          Chin         Face          Underarms          Forearms          Full Arms          Back          Bikini          Brazilian Bikini          Lower Legs          Full Legs

*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.